Lokale Helden zum Kölsch
17. September 2017

Kaiserschote Food-Trends 2018

Whether “open air” with BBQ or the “vegan square meter” at the buffet, the right variety in the food composition remains trumps! Nevertheless, we would like to tell you about some catering trends that are currently conquering events and weddings.

Food Trucks

Customers who love the flair and enjoyment of Streetfood, we offer this from our charming little foodtruck, combined, of course, with our expertise in the planning and realization of events. We build the truck as a component of the catering.

Very popular is our Ox & Go [“Ox” = Ox “Go” = on the hand] Veal neck of the Eifel beef “sous vide”, cooked in a vacuum with Rhenish spice and BBQ glazed. Serve with a strong bratjus as a small gourmet porti on potato pancake or in a roll as a spit-roast roll with onions, Lax & Flames [“Lax” = Norwegian salmon “Flames” = hot smoked] Whole salmon sides are cooked here in the BBQ smoker over beechwood and served as a flaming salmon with various wish supplements. With wild herbal salad and homemade thyme and lemon sauce or Wakame sea algae salad and honey sauce sauce. In the bread roll or in the pinewood boat, or the vegetarian station “fast veg” [“VEG” = Veggi | Cult!] Full vegetarian vegan cuisine invites you here to enjoy. Traveling through distant countries has inspired us to try out something new and to look beyond the box. Veggi Pralinés with: Peperoni | Courgettes Onion Almond coriander | Parsley. Topping: chickpeas Hummus Tahini Sesampaste | Lemon Peanut | Turmeric. On vegan curry with parsnips, carrot, cauliflower, hokaido, Kaiserschoten, in coconut milk flavored with two different curry. For this Basmati fragrance


More and more, we are able to convince our customers to go completely new ways on the buffet table. Whether 3D + X, swimming buffet islands or edible landscapes, here is much possible to put with the presentation of the food once again the icing on the cake to the perfect staging, because delicious is always with us anyway.
3D + X food on the wall
The Spoon | Glasses forks

Thanks to the four different mounting options of the buffet system, a wide range of our pleasure variations can be staged as “food on the wall”. As a “vegan square meter”, as a theme buffet, as a spectacular dessert island or as a delightful room divider – because of the high back walls. Mottos, claims, slogans as well as colors, designs and logos can be easily accommodated here. Due to the expanded buffet area in the wall, 3D plus X is space-saving, as a display it is also a room divider. Foods of all kinds are presented in a new and surprising way at the food display, so customers who are more conservative in their guest structure are also enthusiastic about a modern production.
Enjoy round trip.

Scenario: A luminous water surface. On small floating islands freshly prepared gourmet variations pass by the guests. On a three meter long and one meter wide water surface, the islands describe a circuit. A subtle lighting concept ensures a translucent staging of the water surface, islands and plinths. Our communicative cooks ensure a perfect finish of the food and send small porti on the round course to the guests.