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17. September 2017

BBQ = Grillen?

BBQ [Barbecue] is not the English term for “grilling”, it is rather two different cooking methods.

BBQ is derived from the Mexican-Spanish word “barbacoa” [buccan]. This was a wooden framework on which the Taino, a people of the Greater Antilles, were preparing meat over the open fire by slow warming in the smoke. This low temperature (at 100 to 150 degrees) also made delicate meat tender and the smoke aroma replaced expensive spices. Thus, the barbecue arose as the food of the poor people in the Caribbean, the Southern States and Mexico.

“Buccan” is by the way also the word origin of “Bucanero” and “Buccaneer”, the free-spirits of the Caribbean, so there is some clear in terms of “men and BBQ! …

Grilling, however, takes place directly above the embers at 200 to 300 degrees Celsius. The meat pieces are comparatively small and the cooking time is short.

Tips on grilling

Grillholz should come from laubbume and must be dry – otherwise it smokes and bangs

Liquid grills detoxify the flavor, newspaper paper and thin wood chips are perfect

Determine how much you want to grill, and measure the amount of the coal accordingly. If you prefer a little more coal at the beginning, and if this is well-tempered, you can create different heat zones by appropriate distribution of the coal

When you put rosemary or thyme branches on the embers, the grilled food gets a special flavor. Wood chippings from the cherry and apple are also suitable. Important: To ensure that herbs or chips do not burn so quickly, they must be well watered beforehand

Mis en Place: The grill is well guarded! Therefore, place everything in reach beforehand. For example: kitchen roll, plates for storing the grilled, spices, marinade, grill tongs and also a towel for the forehead and a cool drink …

Grill tongs or grill fork? If you still have a grill fork, please use it only to distribute the coal, otherwise use the tongs for turning! Because when you sting into the meat, the juice runs out and the meat becomes dry.

Preheated plate: Grilled is quickly cold! Therefore, place the plates on which you place the meat on the table and the plates to be eaten from them very close to the grill to make them warm or place them briefly in the oven at 80 degrees Celsius.

When is the embers good?

If a gray ash layer is formed above the coal, it can start. To determine the temperature, the “towel” is easiest. Hold the flat palm just above the grill grate. The embers have the right temperature when you can stand it for three seconds. It is too hot for one second and too cold for five seconds. Mean heat is about four seconds. You can regulate the heat by sprinkling the coal with water. But beware: first remove the grill grate with the meat, otherwise the ashes stick to the meat afterwards!

Basic tips on the grill food

Do not grill “from the fridge on the grill”! Fish and meat should have room temperature before placing it on the grill

Marinade before the grilling, otherwise the meat is not really brown and the marinade drips on the embers

Spits of wood must be well watered, then they do not burn on the grill

Pieces of the marinade (herbs, lemon peel, etc.) must be wiped before grilling, otherwise they burn and the grilled will then be bitter

Before the grill is covered, it must be oiled, then nothing sticks to it

Bones can be wrapped with aluminum foil, then they do not burn and you have a handle for “BBQ fingerfood”

Bratwurst becomes so plump and juicy, if you put it before the grilling for five minutes in an aluminum dish with lid on the edge of the grill. The grease then becomes supple and the air in the sausages expands. The sausages are then grilled on medium heat until they are brown and crisp


For the flavoring of tender fish or very fine meat, such as fillet, you can very well use fresh seasoning oils. Because of the fresh ingredients they must be consumed quickly.

Tarragon mustard oil

6 tbsp olive oil

1 tablespoonful mustard

1 bunch of fresh tarragon (finely chopped leaves)

2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp grated lemon peel

1 teaspoon maple syrup

salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients with the electric bar grinder to a homogeneous mass, brush with a brush on the meat and immediately grilling. If necessary, brush in between once again.