BBQ = Grillen?
17. September 2017

Lokale Helden zum Kölsch

The question of what he thinks of cooking with Kölsch is answered by André Karpinski of Catering Service KAISERSCHOTE with a smile: “Cooking with Kölsch is going, but cooking to the Kölsch I find better!”

What he means by this can be seen in the dishes presented here. Karpinski calls them “Local Tapas”. They are Rhenish classics, interpreted in a modern way and come as a small portian.

The “Local Tapas” cooking course is ideal for those who want to learn more about this topic and who want to know what culinary delights are hidden behind the following names: Heaven and Earth in deconstruction Two of the Eifel salmon trout in the strudel leaf Monkeybowl Deluxe | Flönz ravioli Thick Beans & Bacon »sous vide« | Poor Knight Soufflée etc. …

Cooking with beer

The taste experience of the beer is essentially composed of the components “tingling” (CO2), “sweet” (malt) and “herbs” (hops). It quickly becomes clear that the typical beer taste is difficult to capture during cooking:

The tingling flies in the cooking pot and the herb is rather undesirable. Thus the sweetness of the malt remains the desired flavor component. For the boil with beer is therefore a alcohol-free malt beer or a dark beer. The desired taste effect is the caramelization of the sugars.


Rheinischer Shooter – “capped” with Matjes-onion-Tatar

For 20 servings

For the shooter:

2 cucumbers

1 tbsp. maple syrup

3 tbsp. olive oil

Abrasion of ½ lemon

200 grams Crushed Ice

1 Bunch Fresh Mint

1 ts wasabi



Mix the ingredients with the bar-blender.

For the tatar:

5 double matts Matjes

3 onions

20 slices of baguette

50 ml. Whipped cream stiff

1 tbsp. horseradish cream

Finely dice matjes and onions and place on the bread slices as a small ball

Mix the cream with the horseradish and add as a speck to the tartar.

Shooter in a glass and with bread slices “cover”:

Now “the salt, then the liquid,” a good appetite!


This dish is the perfect culinary accompaniment for a “Rheinische Stehparty” with “walnut” potato dumplings. According to Gusto you can also vary the goulash with roasted almond leaves or raisins.